• Introduction
  • Specifications
  • Rewards
  • Bounty
  • Market and economy
  • Advantages of investing in Masternode
  • Deterministic Ordering
  • References


  • Introduction


Coinnode is a coin based on the scrypt hash, which implements Masternode technology, which consists of configuring a wallet, with 5000 CNE, which will generate daily profits, obtaining 80% of the reward per generated block approximately every 72 seconds. This coin is totally pos.


  • Specifications

Coin name: Coinnode

Coin ticker: CNE

Max supply : 100,000,000

Coin type: Pos

PoS Hashing algorithm: Scrypt

Block reward: Variable

Premine: 2.40036%


  • Rewards

The reward is variable according to block height, 20% of the pos block for the stakers and 80% for the owners of Masternodes.



  • Bounty

in each quarter of the year 2018, there will be a signing campaign, an airdrop, the dates. Distribution will also be made to the people who are chosen to make translations of the ANN in the different sections of the bitcointalk forum, these people will be selected under certain parameters where each user postulates and demonstrates previous quality work in other projects based on cryptocurrencies.

Dates for signature campaign and airdrops (first quarter of 2018)

Starts: February 10 and ends March 10

Dates for signature campaign and airdrops (second quarter of 2018)

Starts: May 10 and ends June 10

Dates for signature campaign and airdrops (third trimester of 2018)

Start: August 10 and end September 10

Dates for signature campaign and airdrops (Fourth trimester of 2018)

Starts: November 10 and ends December 10

The rules for generosity will be published in the ANN de Coinnode, Each stage of generosity will only accept a limited number of 1000 users, the ranks of the users of the forum will be taken into consideration.


  • Market and economy

The premine will be used to raise funds in order to list COINNODE in several exchanges, among the objective exchanges that we have this: cryptopia, coinexchange, among others, all this depends on the level of acceptance and investment of the users. We will also focus on paying the fee requested by the mnrank site, in order to be listed on that website.


  • Advantages of investing in Masternode

We are in the era of digital and technological, now there are many people who can improve their financial situation through the internet, everything depends on the decisions we make, even more in this medium of cryptocurrencies, we must be aware that all business presupposes a risk of loss and a hope of future gain. but it can not be denied that it comes from the Masternodes has improved the economic situation of many, who have been able to invest in several projects that today are a success, although in their beginnings they have been branded as scam. it is our ability to make the right decisions and not let ourselves be influenced by those that can lead us to financial success or failure by investing in the world of cryptocurrencies, but if we doubt investing in a masternode, it ensures a passive future gain, whose control the owner has from the masternode who can decide when is the best time to sell what I bought before according to market signals. undoubtedly investing in a Masternode is much more profitable than keeping the money in a bank where the fees are really higher than the interest generated by that capital.


In the case of COINNODE, the owners of the masternodes will earn 80% of the generated in each pos block. this is distributed according to the number of masternodes online and their contribution to the network

pre-sale will be made, start with a value of 0.5 usd per CNE, for a total of 2500 usd for the configuration of a masternodes (5000 CNE in total) this price will be for the first 30 investors. they will also receive a bonus of 20% on the total amount of their purchase. The minimum purchase is 5000 CNE to obtain this bonus.


After the number of 30 investors is completed, the price will rise to 1 USD per CNE with the 15% bonus, this will be the price that we will try to implement in the Exchange.

Due to the fact that the Masternode rewards program is a fixed percentage and the Masternode network nodes are fluctuating, expected Masternode rewards will vary according to the current total count of active Masternodes. Payments for a standard day for running a Masternode can be calculated by using the following formula:


Where: n is the number of Masternodes an operator controls

t is the total number of Masternodes

r is the current block reward (presently averaging about 6 CNE)

b is blocks in an average day. For the Dash network this usually is 1200.

a is the average Masternode payment (80% of the average block amount)

Return on investment for running a Masternode can be calculated as:


Where variables are the same as above. The cost associated with running a Masternode creates a hard and soft limit of active nodes on the network. The soft limit is imposed by the price it costs to acquire a node and the limited liquidity on exchanges due to usage of Dash as a currency and not merely an investment.


  • Deterministic Ordering

A special deterministic algorithm is used to create a pseudo-random ordering of the Masternodes. By using the hash from the proof-of-work for each block, security of this functionality will be provided by the mining network. Pseudo Code, for selecting a Masternode:


The example code can be extended further to provide rankings of Masternodes also, a “second”, “third”, “fourth” Masternode in the list to be selected.




DASH Masternodes

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