1. Have an active account in the Bitcointalk forum, and fill out the registration form
  2. Demonstrate being a true follower of Coinnode in all promotion channels and demonstrate activity in each of them.
  3. The user interested in participating in the signature campaign must carry the signature corresponding to their rank in the forum from the Bounty start date until the distribution day.
  4. you must comply with a daily post, minimum of 300  characters for three weeks in the ANN of Coinnode, because the first week is of registration for the campaign.
  5. The person who commits spam, will be disqualified, the post message must promote Coinnode, no questions are accepted, to fill the requirement of the daily post.
  6. If you change your signature before the end of the campaign period or violate any of these rules related to the signature campaign, or the general rules of Bounty will be disqualified for any reward.
  7. Reward: 100